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Adult/ Child Traction Splint EMS-A303

The Traction Splint has been the standard for ambulance services for treating patients with suspected long bone fractures of the lower extremities. It is mainly made of aluminum alloy and the length can be adjusted. Equipped with an automatic traction system of the nylon strap.

CPR Board EMS-A208

CPR board sometimes called the cardiac board is a rigid plastic backboard designed for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is ideal for those patients who have suffered cervical spine injuries. During the process of CPR, the board is of great help to avoid further cervical vertebra damage. The head cup properly positions the patient's head and ensures a constant and open airway.

Emergency Adjustable Cervical Extrication Collar (EMS-A401C)

The Adult Extrication Collars are designed to assist with the maintenance of neutral alignment, prevention of lateral sway and anterior-posterior flexion and extension of the cervical during transport and routine patient care of movement.

Fracture Splint Kit EMS-A405B

The fracture splint kit is ideal fracture immobilizer for EMT to rescue and immobilize the patients. The splint kit contains four various sized splints for adult and child. The multi-functional limb splints can be used for both left and right side.

Full Body Vacuum Mattress Splint EMS-A127

Vacuum Mattress Splint can be used in first aid of pre-hospital, earthquake, airport, mine, traffic accident, sports and military to transport, especially when the rescue space is constricted, such as mountains, caves, and canyons. It always provides fast, effective and comfortable immobilization for the entire patient. It also features lightweight and portable for ease of carrying.

Infant/Child Head Immobilizer EMS-A403

The infant or pediatric head immobilizer is simple to use, lightweight and easy to clean. It comes with two plastic-coated, closed-cell foam head supports, a universal attachment base, and two durable head straps. The head immobilizer is an emergency patient-handling device designed to aid in immobilizing a patient’s head and neck. It is for professional use only, by a minimum of two trained operators.