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Laboratory Centrifuge

CLS028 is a standard microcentrifuge with a freezing function, which is especially suitable for centrifugal temperature-sensitive samples. It is the standard configuration of labs as it possesses high ergonomic designs and high-efficient refrigeration performance (e.g. rapid cooling from room temperature to set temperature). It uses more advanced cooling technology to ensure high-precision accuracy of the temperature to protect samples in a better way and ensure better separation results. So it comes to be an ideal instrument for most labs. It mainly consists of a maintenance-free and brushless drive motor, high-definition LCD, modern microprocessor. $SKU$ is invented based on our broad experience in the lab instruments field. It is widely used in medical, biochemical, veterinary, industrial as well as other laboratories.

Low-temperature biomedical freezer

The single door freezer -25°C is suitable for laboratories due to the flexible storage. It is user-friendly with adjustable shelves and comes with the most necessary alarms. The $sku$ freezer is produced with attention to details and has many features that all come as standard. This low temperature can maintain the quality of the samples during preservation, which is very important for labs to get accurate examination results in scientific research.

Microplate Reader Optical System

The microplate reader is also named Enzyme-linked immunodetection. It is a special instrument for enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, also known as microporous plate detector. And this microplate reader provides a wide wavelength range and has a high-performance solution for broad applications, including immunoassays with colorimetric substrates, especially ELISA. The final test results are highly accurate and precise, usually, the correlation in a specific test is up to 90%. $SKU$ is usually used in clinical diagnostics, biotechnology research, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Stainless steel magnetic mixer

The magnetic stirrer is the lab apparatus used to mix fluid, mainly applied to stir or heat low viscosity liquid or liquid mixture. It can coordinate with the temperature-heating control system, so the operator can heat and control the sample’s temperature according to the requirements of the experiment, maintain the needed temperature required by the experiment condition, and ensure the mixture completion effect.

Stainless Steel Water Bath Kettle

The water bath kettle has a built-in stainless steel tube heater and perforated aluminum shelves inside the water tank. It is mainly used for distilling, drying, concentrating, warming chemicals, or biological products in laboratories. It can also be applied in constant temperature heating and other temperature tests. So the water bath kettle is the necessary tool for biology, genetics, virus, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health, laboratory, analysis room, education, and scientific research.

Ultra-clean Bench

The clean bench is designed to adapt to modern industry, optoelectronics industry, biopharmaceuticals, and scientific and research experiment field, which has a requirement of the cleanliness of the work area. It would suck the air into the pre-filter through the fan, then the air enters into the high-efficiency filter via a static pressure box. The filtered air would be sent out in a state of vertical or horizontal airflow, so the working area can realize 100-level cleanliness, which is an ideal and reliable environment for production, experiment, pharmacy, and etc. CLS031 is the workbench that has its own filtered air supply. The clean bench’s main point is that it can effectively protect work from contamination. And it is equipped with the HEPA filter system that plays an important role in protecting the work area. It can remove particulates, generally called aerosols, such as micro-organisms, from the air. It is widely used in a variety of applications throughout medical research laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and other research and production environments.